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Cinta Adalah Persahabatan

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“Cinta adalah persahabatan”, kata Rahul ketika ditanya mengenai arti cinta oleh dosennya. Tentu kalian masih ingat dengan film yang satu itu. Film yang berkisah mengenai persahabatan dua orang muda mudi yang akhirnya saling jatuh cinta. Tentu saja saya tidak akan membicarakan tentang film itu, :) tapi kutipan kalimat Rahul lah yang ingin saya uraikan kali ini.

     Persahabatan, tentu kalian pernah merasakannya. Saya pun pernah. Semenjak duduk di sekolah dasar, saya sudah merasakan indahnya persahabatan. Ketika itu, yang ada di benak saya ketika mengenal kata teman adalah seseorang atau sekelompok orang yang menjadi lawan bicara atau lawan bercengkrama ketika di sekolah dan di lingkungan rumah. Tak pernah terlintas untuk pilih-pilih teman. Semuanya berjalan apa adanya. Saya kenal dia, mereka, cocok satu sama lain, dan selesai. Jadilah kami teman satu sama lain. Sungguh, saya benar-benar merasakan indahnya persahabatan ketika itu. Ingin rasanya memanggil nama mereka kembali, Lucky, Siti, Irin, Jepi, Yuli, dan tentu saja kembaran saya :). Terlalu panjang kalau saya ceritakan kisah kami. Mungkin di lain kesempatan :).
     Yang saya sadari ketika itu adalah bahwa persahabatan ini akan putus dengan sendirinya ketika menginjak bangku sekolah menengah. Saya sadar ketika itu bahwa kami mungkin tidak akan satu sekolah, bahwa kami pasti akan lebih sibuk dari pada sebelumnya, bahwa kami mungkin akan jarang bertemu kendati pun jarak antar rumah kami tidak terlalu jauh. Pemahaman saya tentang arti dari persahabatan ketika itu adalah persahabatan ini “ada batasnya”, yaitu ketika menginjakkan kaki di jenjang sekolah yang lebih tinggi.
     Dan ketika menginjak sekolah menengah, pemahaman itu pun bertambah, bahwa persahabatan itu tidak hanya “ada batasnya” tapi juga tentang menghargai satu sama lain. Yah, betul, pemahaman itu bertambah, walau pun baru ketika kelas 3 SMP saya memahami ini. Sebut saja El namanya. Dia adalah teman sebangku ku ketika kelas 3 SMP, dan dia pula lah yang mengajariku bahwa yang namanya sahabat adalah saling menghargai satu sama lain. Menghargai bahwa kami memiliki prinsip yang berbeda (baca: beda keyakinan), menghargai bahwa kami memiliki kebiasaan yang berbeda, dan menghargai bahwa kami memiliki kesukaan dan ketidaksukaan yang berbeda. Tapi justru itulah yang makin mendekatkan kami satu sama lain. Melalui El, saya menyadari bahwa keyakinan yang berbeda tidak menghalangi kami untuk saling menghormati dan menghargai keyakinan masing-masing. Melalui El pula, saya menyadari bahwa kebiasaan yang berbeda, tidak melulu tidak cocok, justru kami bisa saling mencontoh kebiasaan baik kami masing-masing, dan saling mengingatkan kebiasaan buruk masing-masing. Well, walau pun kenyataannya saya lebih sering mencontoh kebiasaan baik El :). Dan memalui El, saya menyadari bahwa menghargai kesukaan dan ketidaksukaan dari sahabat adalah sesuatu hal yang menyenangkan. Yah, saat itu lah saya mengerti bahwa persahabatan adalah “tentang menghargai satu sama lain, walau tetap berbatas waktu”.
     Lalu, bagaimana ketika SMA? Sama, bertambah, atau bahkan berkurang? Tunggu ya kelanjutannya. Karena di masa inilah, semuanya bermula… ^.^

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"Hahaha, ga ada hubungannya :P"

Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

"Smile", Something That Can Stole My Heart

Hello everyone. It has been about a month since I posted my last post. How have you been? Well, me? I just live my life as usual :) though sometimes, it's not going well as planned. HE. But, anyway, now I would like share about the people who have stolen my heart through their smile. It's kind of excessive, isn't it? Hohoho...

Well, they are the random people that I saw on TV, street, or even my friends :). But, their smile, the first time I saw them, I would unconsciously smile. I don't know why, but to just see their smile has made me say, "Oh My, sweet :-)", and as I said before, I would smile back unconsciously. No more words, just here we go!

First of all is Nicholas or "Nick", one of Master Chef Australia Junior's consestants Season 1. I forgot the time when I watched Master Chef Australia Junior, may be one year ago, when I, for the first time saw Nick's smile ^^. At that time, Nick was passed one of the cook challanges, and then he smiled. And suddenly I could just smile and said, "Oh, so sweet", and even I made an update status on my facebook account about his smile, hehe...

Nick, the third from left
He's only 10, but he can cook well. Ommo, grow up, please! QUICKLY!!
Well, actually I want to show you Nick's smile that has been stolen my heart ^^, but unfortunately, I hardly find it. But, hopefully, the pictures above are enough to give you clues to his smile ^^ (What??? Are you kidding me dita fatwa??)

Ok, next is ... Who? You? Aneyo :P. He is no one other than Lee Min Ho. Hohoho... Sorry, but it's true. As you know, Lee Min Ho is known after he acted the role "Go Jun Pyo" in BBF. But, it's not because of BBF that he acted for, that his smile stole my heart (okay I admit, "until now" aigoo...), but when he played Yoon Sung character in City Hunter. He's not only stole my heart for his smile, but also his acting. So that's why, I can tell you that Lee Min Ho is one of my fav Korean actors. Hmm... I know you will agree with me ^^. Check these out!

Very sweet
Not satisfied yet? Hmm...
Okay, this is the last one in my mind now. His name is Ji Hyun Woo. (Korean, again? "So WHAT?") hehe... FYI, he, now is take a role in drama "Queen In Hyun's Man" which is still airing in there (South Korea). And also because of this drama, I've fallen for his smile for first time. He played Kim Boong-do in this drama who character is very intellegent but sweet. Hahaha... okay, actually I dunno how to describe his character, but with this character, he creates ( can I call it that??) his sweet smile. Hehe.. Here he is..

With Hee Jin aka Yoo Inna ^. ^ (jealous mode on*haha)

No comment >.<

Hmm... Actually there are more people with their smile that had stolen my heart. But, anyhow, these three people I could remember right now ^^. Or may be you have someone or some people who win you with their smile? Hehe... Next time, If there's more I can remember, I'll post it, Ok! Bye bye... See u next time.

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Minggu, 15 April 2012

Jun Sung Ahn (JuNCurry Ahn), A New YouTube Star

Oyasumi ^^

Now, I'm going to introduce someone, who I know just now. When I opened my facebook account a moment ago, one of many pages that I liked, posted a link of a video from youtube showed a young man playing a violin. His name is Jun Sung Ahn. Well, to be honest, I AM IMPRESSED by his performance^^. In that video, Sung Ahn played a violin version of OST The Moon That Embraces The Sun titled "Back In Time" by Lyn. It was so awesome. So, quickly I watched another video of him. Really DAEBAK ^^. And then I tried to find his profile with Mr. Google's help. 

Isn't he so cute?? ^^
But, unfortunately, there isn't much information about him besides that he is a Korean and studies in Northwestern University. He enjoys playing a violin and upload it in his youtube channel. He is not a hallyu star (but I believe, you will someday ^^), but he has become a star in youtube. Mochimag.com has a lucky to interview him. You can go to mochimag.com to read the whole interview. And here, I link some of his videos. If you finally want it more and more, you can visit his youtube channel, named JuNCurry Ahn. Please enjoy ^^

Back In Time by Lyn, OST The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Lighters/Someone Like You

Lucky by Jason Mraz

Finally, let me go ^^
See u...
Sutekinayumewo mite ne~

"But I know that wherever our paths lead us, we will always be parts of each others’ lives in someway or another." Jun Sung Ahn

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Review: "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"

Friendship = Love = Action

Anneyong haseyo~
New blog, New Look. Please enjoy! ^.^

Recently I watched K-drama titled “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” and felt in love with it. Of course I’m not going to talk about how crazy I AM for this drama because this drama is totally AWSOME for me ^^. But, let me tell you a little about that drama because I just feel that the story in that drama so much fit with my friendship-life story.

First lesson, “Making friends is as easy as loving somebody. But, to maintain it forever, it is not an easy one”

“Shut Up Flower Boy Band” is about FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, and DREAM. A group of boys (or if I may call them “flower boys”^^) consisting of Ji Hyuk, Do Il, Hyun Soo, Ha Jin, and Kyung Jong tried to realize their dream together but in the process they met a lot of trouble. They made a band called Eye Candy or in Korean “Angujeonghwa” and made success in their neighborhood. Hmm… Success? May be. In fact, because of their success in making a debut single album which they became famous, troubles came insistently. Starting with Kwon Ji Hyuk who forced to admit that he already had a girlfriend by the reporter, but unfortunately, the others had not known anything about it. So, they felt Ji Hyuk had betrayed them with not telling them first. And then Lee Hyun Soo, whose sister had to get surgery, decided to make a solo career as a singer so he could earn money. But, he kept the story about his sister to his friends. And the others who also had their own problems, made their band or I prefer to call it friendship, worse. They started to blame each others.

Second lesson, “Friendship does not always mean together. But friendship DOES always means supporting each other”

Ji Hyuk was a leader in their band. He was cool, and a loyal person to his friends. He always tried to solve the band’s problem by his own hands. He DID wanted to give his best for his friends, but sometimes his friend didn’t aware it. When he knew about Hyun Soo’s sister surgery, he was the one who push Hyun Soo to go a solo career without telling the real reason. He even told Hyun Soo that he would prefer his girlfriend to the band (which actually he DIDN’T) so that Hyun Soo could choose solo career without doubtful. I think that Ji Hyuk was just like me.
In my friendship-life, I always want to be good and nice to my friends, but sometimes it ends up with misunderstanding. Poor me :D.
Hyun Soo was Ji Hyuk’s close friend since childhood. They shared everything even their dreams. Unlike Ji Hyuk, Hyun Soo was an introvert person. He rarely showed his true feeling to his friends. He liked to hide his problems. Because of that, his friends often got misunderstanding. He probably didn’t want to bother his friends with his problems, so he always tried to solve it by himself. Such a good friend he is, isn’t he? :)
Do Il, the mysterious one. He was also the most patient among the others. He didn’t like to speak a lot. I think the quote, “Silence is GOLD” is suitable to him. He was the only one who knowing the real reason why Ji Hyuk pushed Hyun Soo to do solo career with hurting Hyun Soo instead. Hmm… a unique one ^^
Ha Jin, playboy who easily got angry. When he knew about Hyun Soo’s solo career, he was the first who wanted to quit from the band. Well, actually, he just misunderstood. Although he was easily getting angry, but he was also easily to calm down when everything was clear.
And the last was Kyung Jong. He was the youngest (I guess ^^) among the others. He was cheerful, cute ^^, and a care person. He always brought joys in the band. A lovely boy ^^.
Hmm… Different from each other, doesn’t it call “friendship”? Friendship, one word that can mean many things. In the beginning, they thought that friendship meant together till the end.  They tried very hard to not hurt the others, to not betray the others, and to be always together no matter what. But, in their process of maturity, they realized that friendship was not always mean together. Friendship is about supporting each other. That’s okay to not have the same dreams as long as they can keep in touch forever.

Third lesson, “It’s okay to have a secret. But, please, do not leave a misunderstanding, because how can we trust you if you do not tell anything”

When Hyun Soo kept silent about his sister being hospitalized, the others became misunderstood through him. He might think that he won’t bother his friends with his problems. But, the fact that it made things worse. Even when Ji Hyuk finally acknowledged Hyun Soo’s problem, he tried to help him. But he did it with wrong way and he never explained why to the others. So, it made things even worse. When finally the truth came up, (thanks to Do Il who didn’t let misunderstanding break them) they realized that they actually care about the others. They just didn’t want to worry the others. But, not telling anything about your problems is also meant that you can’t trust your friends, so how can your friends trust you, if you do not tell anything.

Fourth lesson, “A friend is not someone who knows everything about you, but someone who can understand and respect you no matter what”

In the last episode, Hyun Soo finally knew the real reason of Ji Hyuk’s acting. He came to Ji Hyuk’s place and they started to talk. Hyun Soo wondered, Ji-hyuk used to come over every day to his home, and then one day, he just stopped. “Do you know how betrayed I felt?”. But then Ji Hyuk pointed out that Hyun-soo was the first to step away after his sister was born. Ji-hyuk countered, “I didn’t have anyone who came home. When I went to your house, it smelled like rice, it was warm, like people lived there. Then I had to come home to this room. It felt colder, and lonelier. It was unbearable.” And it was the time when he stopped going to Hyun Soo’s home. And Hyun Soo finally realized, “We thought we knew everything about each other, but it seems like there’s so much we didn’t know.”
Hmm… this scene just breaks my hearts >.<. You know that feeling, when you finally know the truth about something that you might think you are the one who right in the beginning? And yes, I DO, I ever been in this condition. I DO, now, understand that that’s okay to not know everything about your friends, as long as you can understand and respect each other. Then you will know the deepest meanings of your friendship.

Fifth lesson, “FRIENDSHIP means LOVE. LOVE is a VERB. So, FRIENDSHIP needs ACTIONS, not WORDS”

Every time I see them being together, I became jealous. I’m jealous of their togetherness. In the drama, they DO learnt how to love. They DO learnt how to care. And at the end, they DO learnt how to prove it, LOVE and CARE. They did something to prove it. Ji Hyuk was willing to kneel down for the sake of Eye Candy, and he also would do anything so that Hyun Soo can get the solo contract. Hyun Soo was willing to do anything for the sake of Eye Candy by doing another show on TV while the other did nothing. Do Il was willing to be beated by his father for the sake of Eye Candy. Ha Jin was willing to bury his dream being an actor for the sake of Eye Candy. And Kyung Jong was willing to leave Busan, his hometown for the sake of Eye Candy. They DID something to prove their love and care. Although they finally realized that if music or Eye Candy is what they really want to do with their lives. It’s time they each make a real decision – about what they really want, what they want to do, what they need to do. And once again, they proved it. They proved their love and care by supporting each other in what they’re really want and need to do. So finally they knew, “FRIENDSHIP means LOVE, and LOVE needs ACTION”.

And that’s all the lessons I can take from this awesome drama. If you watch it, may be you can take more lesson from the drama. So many things I want to share about how this drama has given me another meaning of friendship. And the last but not the least ^^, I want to share my some favorite lines from this drama. Here they are:

“Because without them, I have nothing.” Ji Hyuk 
“How can someone who calls himself a teacher run around trying to get students expelled?” Ji Hyuk
“But I learned only recently – that accepting someone’s feelings that you can’t return… is being the bad guy.” Ji Hyuk
“You’re right. For not being honest with you guys, or with Su-ah, and for feeling like my head was so mixed up that I didn’t know what to do… and using that as an excuse — I was a coward.” Ji Hyuk
“Friends who were supposed to be with you till the death all slunk off with one word from your parents! I was left behind on my own — so what was I supposed to do?!” Ji Hyuk
“Don’t do it alone. Let’s do it together.” Ji Hyuk
“I’ve thought about how we ended up here, until my head burst. I think the time when we did things solely for each other is over.” Ji Hyuk
“It’s time we each make a real decision – about what we really want, what we want to do, what we need to do.” Ji Hyuk
“John Lennon said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’ We’re not famous or special. But we’re just doing what we want, right now. The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now we just shut up and run… To the time that’s waiting for us.” Ji Hyuk
“If you try to figure out everything alone, 

whaddaya need friends for?” Hyun Soo 

“We thought we knew everything about each other, but it seems like there’s so much we didn’t know.” Hyun Soo
“I really want to succeed. But if there’s a one percent chance I can do it with my friends and not alone, then I want to go together. Even if it takes a long time. The only thing we have a lot of… is time.” Hyun Soo

“You’re the leader, but no one asked you to be responsible for our lives!” Do Il  
“How can we trust you? You never tell us a thing.” Ha Jin 
“Even we have different dreams, we can still support each other, right?.” Kyung Jong  
“I want to die at my happiest moment.” Byung Hee 
“That’s why I’m scared, because they’re my friends. Because I might lose them.” Su Ah 
“You’re no fool, and I know you’re loyal. But stop now. Don’t sink so low. Stop worrying about those guys, and go your own way.” Seung Hoon
“When you like somebody, you’re always embarrassed, because you always want to look good in front of them.” Woo Kyung
“Like how falling in love is easy,
but keeping that love going is hard.”
 Rock Kim 
“If a dolphin gets caught in a fishing net and dies, is it the fault of the dolphin or of the person who cast the net?” Maro
“Think carefully, whether you’re doing music because you want friends, or if you have friends because you want to make music.” Hae Ri
“You wonder why you’re doing this? Do you know the meaning of a band? Solidarity. Partnership. Unity. You guys say you like making music so you can be together, so why are you worrying about this on your own? You should do it together. And if those kids have loyalty, they should know to have faith and wait.” Rock Kim

My Notes:
I know that you might have different experience during your friendship life. Whether it's good or bad, just enjoy it. Don't make hard. I believe that someday, you will have your true friendship. It just the matter of time. ^^ So, SHUT UP and LET'S GO!!!

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